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Male Breast Cancer

I was diagnosed with stage IIB breast cancer in October of 2011. That October was also the 25th anniversary of National Breast Cancer Awareness month. Crazy. In September of 2015 I was re-diagnosed to stage IV. I'll be doing treatments for the rest of my life. No cure for stage IV metastatic cancers...


Short for Robert Alan Blood. Me.

Activity Days

I made this invitation for an Activity Days event. Activity Days in the LDS Church is like a really thin Cub Scout program for the girls. Our three daughters really enjoyed it.

Have a heart

In high school, I was a college biology maven. I thought that I wanted to go into medicine until I realized that I didn't...

Calvin and Hobbes watercolor

My favorite comic strip as a kid. I painted this is high school. I still have the books and now my kids enjoy them. They also routinely imitate Calvin...

Professor T.J. Teru

Bonus points if you can guess what this character is from. Drawn in 1990.

The record of a fallen people

My interpretation of the stone box from which came the Book of Mormon. Drawn in 1992.

A drawing of a house

I added the Ferrari F40 on the curb. It was done for a local realtor in Washington. Drawn in 1990.

Rocket Handbook Logo

The title of a series of science fiction books I'm writing! Learn more here...

The entire book cover design for my first book

Rocket Handbook, Part One - Seraphim. Learn more here...

The entire book cover design for my second book

Rocket Handbook, Part Two - Emergence. Learn more here...


This is still my favorite church song.